London – London’s most famous names

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abril 4, 2014 por Ana Abel Millanes Olivares

London’s most famous names:

English History Makers


London , the capital of Great Britain, is the biggest city in the country, with a population of nearly eight million people. It has developed over nearly 2000 years, and many of the streets and buildings have amazing stories and events connected with them.

Many real and fictional characters have been associated with London through the centuries.

London’s most famous names:

Samuel Pepys  English diarist. Who wrote seventeenth century diary.  A senior government official who worked for the Royal Navy. Historians have learnt a lot about life in Charles the Second’s London by reading the diaries of Samuel Pepys, who was born and lived in the capital . He held a high position as Secretary to the Admiralty and often went to the King’s Court . He wrote his diary in six notebooks , recording his daily life.

Charles Dickens who chronicled Victorian London in his novels, as a young man the Victorian novelist worked as a reporter in the law courts and at the Houses of Parliament. He got to know the city well, and describes many Londoners and districts in all his major books. One of Dikens’ homes , 48 Doughty Street in Bloomsbury, is open as a Dickens Museum. His first novel The Pickwik Papers,  Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. He also used his skills as a popular writer to campaign for many causes.

Sherlock Holmes was a fictional Victorian detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stories are written in the voice of Doctor Watson, Holmes’ friend and assistant crime solver, Sherlock Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street, now a Building Society.

And Dick Whittington, who was three times Lord Mayor, He was a poor country boy who wlked to London to seek his fortune, Dick got a job as a cook’s boy in the house os Mr Fitzwarren a menrchant he bougtht a cat to help him keep down the mice in his tiny room. The cat was a good rat – catcher and killed a plague of rats and the Emperor bougth the cat for a fortune. He became a wealthy merchant

Jack the Ripper was a notorius murderer who terrorised London in 1888 He prowled the slums of the Spitalfields area, and committed five murders in ten weeks despite 500 policemen being sent to cath him. The identity of the Ripper is one of the great unsolved crime mysteries, although there are many theories about him. You can go on “Jack the Ripper ” walks around London , to see the scenes of his crimes.

English History Makers

Constable , John

English artist . Pictures of the English countryside painted by John Constable are among Britain’s best known works of art among Britain’s best known works of art. The son of a Suffolk miller , Constable was inspired by the gentle landscape around him. He was also interested in difficult new techniques , such as painting light and shadow

Beckham David

English footballer Each generation has its footballing heroes, and in the 1990s it was the turn of Beckham. He appeared for Manchester United in 1992 and in 1999 helped them to win the League, the UEFA Cahmpions League . In 2003 he joined the Spanish team Real Madrid and he singed with Us club Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckam married with Victoria Adams  of the Spice Girls pop group .

The Beatles founded late 1950s.  A pop group formed in Liverpool which transformed the British music industry.

Original members were John Lenon , Sir Paul, McCartney, and George Harrison In 1962 they were joined by Richard Ringo Starr Starkey .They wrote almost all their own songs.  At first , they were based on rhythm and blues and rock and rolls styles. Later they became adventurous and experimental , using electronic techniques.

Oscar Wilde Born to a cultured, well educated family. Living and working in London , where he became a fashionable , he published poems, children’s stories and spinechilling novel. In 1895 he was put on trial for homosexual behaviour. this was against the law and he was sent to prision. He died in France.

Austen , Jane English novelist. The youngest daughter of a country clergyman , Austen began to write as a child  completed her firs full length novel Pride and Prejudice, when she was ony 21. One of Britain’s greatest writers Austen won litle fame during her lifetime Her skills at observing and describing people , her elegant use of lenguage and her sharp sense of humour , have delighted readers ever since her first book appeared.

Bronte sisters Anne , Emily and charlotte English writters .Each sisters wrote poems and novels Charlotte’s novel jane Eyre was the first to be published Readers were fascinated by this romantic story of a brave stronge-minded girl and gloomy but attractive hero. Emily published Wuthering heights a passionate story of doomed love between a wilful heroine , Cathy and Heathcliff, the man who deserted her. Anne’s Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall were published soon after.

Macbeth Kings of Scotland . today Macbeth is remembered as the hero or villan of one os Shakespeare’s most dramatic plays. The real Macbet he was a nobleman who became king after killing his cousin Duncan I.

Carroll, Lewis  English writer  he is remembered today as a writer of fantasy books for children. the best Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published in 1865.

Chaplin English actor. Chapplin made a great many films , most of these films were silents and Chaplin was a brilliant mime.  The Kid, Modern times.

Virginia Woolf  English writer She became famouse as a novelist and critic and also as a member of the Bloomsbury Group London. She committed suicide soon after completing her final novel. Stream of consciousness technique and feminist ideas

Vaughan William Ralph English composer One of the most important British composers of the 20th ceentury , he began to write music when he was only 6 years old. He wrote many beautiful works for singers and orchestras .

Shakespeare , William  English playwright, he was born in the town of Stratford -upon-Avon he work as an actor the writer and also became part owner of the London’s most populars theatres , his plays are admire as classic todya, and performed all oer the world . Love stories such as Romeo an Juliet, Hamlet … He has shaped the way the eEnglish language has developed.

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