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diciembre 26, 2015 por Ana Abel Millanes Olivares

The need of an ” alternaitve” holidays .

If only there was a word for going back to the original philosophies of an era and expanding upon them something like a rebirth, reminiscent, renaissance! Yes ladies and gentleman trouble might exactly that plot lines that are sufocating under difficult and over complicated games mechanics unbeliavably long times still waiting the rose the quintessential to grow up being patient and enjoying the magic of travel stops.

Time to time, holidays are special because the epic rush make us understand that legends and stories have a purpose, this stage hopefully become with relax time, to enjoy holidays entertainments and yes enjoying the magic of travels stops.

This stage hopefully became with satisfaction pauses of travels. Travelled unstressed, travel for pleasure, staying in one place for more time.


viajes para descansar y divertirte riendo

Thinking fiercely where to rest breaks or Holidays I Would move in a direction opposite to the big mast.

Being part of uncover information when you travel.

Travel experience evokking attention of the new and irresistible insights of the travelers, the statement of work, the new stagin in amuse way providing great memories and wonderful content, sometimes less is more when you travel.

The discovery of hunger for knowledge about what are you doing in this area? What I can do? Sound interesting! Then you need one stop and just follow the flow.

The new tale can star with a whistle from, the sky during the events of travel society where the playing creatures are family, friends and aquittances or aquittances seeing the show and travelling telling stories or just listen the stories of an expert traveller.

Holidays yes!. Where to go for a Tour? What to do in your holidays?

Apparently taking magically place in the world that is very special , you choose this place to go an visit and what does distinguish our destination from the rest ?. We know is special and my recommendation is continuous asking for the plethora of many colors your travel can be.

Is my main focus, forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.

When I am choosing a new place to travel I look the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Notes from my Leather travel journal. Don´t forget your Travel Lust.

Good evening. Good afternoon. Good mornig.

Ana Abel

Time rest breaks super sophisticated with durable waterproof and tablets and smartphones rule (but) paper and pens have not gone waterproof.

Just enjoying publishing, writing, learning listen or something about my TRAVEL …






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